old counties for young people

For a little while now people have been campaigning for an increased awareness in the old British counties.Now there have been a lot of name & boundary changes over the years .A change in politics & social policy’s to centralisation & amalgamation (don’t mention Humberside to a Yorkshire man!).
But now I think we have paused & started to look over our shoulders at dimly remembered names,community’s & nearly two thousand years of shared British history that they represent .

Shires came first with the Anglo-Saxons,then the Normans introduced the term “county”We also had marches & riding’s,hides & hundreds & a bunch of others.

All very multicultural !

Although the Highlanders took a while longer to adapt to the changes ,this has basically remained with us till today.Except in those times when various politicians decided it was in their – sorry the peoples interests to  move boundaries & change names.Many of these new names where always hated (Central region & Humberside for instance) & were little used by the people.

One facet of this is a rise in popularity & general interest in local flags.Now “down south” you do all-right in this respect.A number of interesting traditional flags & quite a few new ones have come along recently.

However in Scotland we have been lagging WAY behind.Yes a few new county & city/town district tartans have come along,but very few flags (only two officially granted arms by the Lord Lyon – otherwise you will be prosecuted). So unless somebody wants to tie their district tartan kilt to a flag pole (!) we have no way of displaying our passion &  spirit for our local area.And of course the flag should be recognisable,simple yet distinctive .

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