East Lothian Flag

The design for the East Lothian flag are going splendidly .Will soon post.It looks spectacular .And of course meets all specs laid down by the UK Flag Institute.

Please go to their site where you can check out all the registered British flags www.flaginstitute.org

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old counties for young people

For a little while now people have been campaigning for an increased awareness in the old British counties.Now there have been a lot of name & boundary changes over the years .A change in politics & social policy’s to centralisation & amalgamation (don’t mention Humberside to a Yorkshire man!).
But now I think we have paused & started to look over our shoulders at dimly remembered names,community’s & nearly two thousand years of shared British history that they represent .

Shires came first with the Anglo-Saxons,then the Normans introduced the term “county”We also had marches & riding’s,hides & hundreds & a bunch of others.

All very multicultural !

Although the Highlanders took a while longer to adapt to the changes ,this has basically remained with us till today.Except in those times when various politicians decided it was in their – sorry the peoples interests to  move boundaries & change names.Many of these new names where always hated (Central region & Humberside for instance) & were little used by the people.

One facet of this is a rise in popularity & general interest in local flags.Now “down south” you do all-right in this respect.A number of interesting traditional flags & quite a few new ones have come along recently.

However in Scotland we have been lagging WAY behind.Yes a few new county & city/town district tartans have come along,but very few flags (only two officially granted arms by the Lord Lyon – otherwise you will be prosecuted). So unless somebody wants to tie their district tartan kilt to a flag pole (!) we have no way of displaying our passion &  spirit for our local area.And of course the flag should be recognisable,simple yet distinctive .

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Welcome to the East Lothian Association.

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